Swati | Transformation

Swati | Transformation

Swati Nakshatra
Shakti | Power: 
To disburs/scatter like the wind or transform.
This nakshatra is a symbol of creativity and art and freedom. "Swati", means purity or more precisely the pure first drop of rain, defines the characteristics of this star.

  • Printing Details

    The photo artwork specs are the following:

    • Acrylic ultraHD Metallic Print
    • Image dimensions: 31″ x 31″ (External dimensions: 31″ x 31″)
    • Wall Mount Included: A $60.00 Value
    •  Acrylic glass 0.08", glossy
    • Dibond 0.12″
    •  Aluminum rails
    •  Metallic ultraHD Photo Print

    For larger prints, please request by email.
    Max. possible format: 48 x 94.5 inch
    Image resolution: 9000 x 9000

    Payments can be done via PayPal and Venmo.